Social Security Disability

There are two Social Security Disability programs that are run by the Social Security Administration, SSDI and SSI. They are separate programs but are similar in many respects as well. The claims process is the same. The appeals process is the same. The basic age requirements and having a disability that will prevent you from doing any work for at least one year are the same as well.

SSDI is an insurance-based program funded by the Social Security taxes withheld from payroll checks. To be entitled to receive SSDI benefits, you must have worked for a sufficient numbers of years and paid Social Security taxes. You also need to have been disabled within five years of the date you stopped working in most cases. The more you have worked, earned and paid into the system, the more compensation you will be eligible to receive if disabled.

SSI is a need-based program intended to help those who would not otherwise qualify for SSDI or whose SSDI payments would be very low. People who have not earned enough work credits, those who have never worked, those who became disabled before they could work, and children with disabilities may be eligible to receive SSI benefits as long as their assets and income do not exceed certain limits.

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Our SSD and SSI attorneys will obtain and review all of the medical evidence of your case. We want to help you obtain disability compensation for your mental or physical condition. We work hard to secure the strongest medical evidence to support your claim, and we work closely with you to sort through the application forms and questionnaires that can confuse and overwhelm you. We want to hear your story and to learn how we may be able to help you obtain benefits.

Denials are common in Social Security Disability cases and statistics show that your chances of an approval increase when represented by an attorney. Our Missouri disability attorneys, will help you at any stage of the process to help maximize your chances of a successful outcome. From initial application, appealing a denial, preparing for your administrative law judge hearing and attending it with you. We are experienced with every step of the process.

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